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What is a Virtual Law Firm?

Hometown Law operates proudly as a virtual law firm. But what does that mean?

Essentially it means you are not paying Hometown Law to operate out of an extravagant office.

A virtual law firm is a law firm that uses technology to serve clients instead of a traditional brick-and-mortar office. This is made possible through new cloud based tools, Zoom and other communication resources, and other new technology.

In today’s world a law firm can be operated easily and effectively from home or a co-working space. This provides flexibility to lawyers who can avoid long commutes and expensive office space, and with cloud based services, your lawyer can work just about anywhere.

But a virtual law firm is not just good for attorneys, it is also good for clients.

This is why.

When a lawyer first starts out on their own, overhead is really low; cheap office space and some basic office essentials are really all you need. And a new lawyer will charge a lower fee. But as a firm grows and the lawyer gets a nicer office, overhead begins to grow. As will the lawyers fee.

Lawyers allow their overhead to grow and simply raise their fee to cover those new expenses. But with a virtual law firm the client does not have to pay for office space, furniture, or insurance. With a virtual law firm, a client only pays for legal services and the necessities required to provide legal services.

Clients should not be required to pay for extravagance unless they want to.

Recently I saw someone compare law firms to cars. The best selling car of all time is the Toyota Corolla. The Corolla is an affordable but reliable car. Sure everyone may want an Audi or Jaguar. But not everyone can afford an expensive car with pricey parts and costly insurance.

Hometown Law is a Toyota Corolla. Not flashy, not gaudy, and certainly not a status symbol. Hometown Law is dependable, affordable, and will get the job done, without worrying about the frills.

In the law there are a lot of Jaguars and Audi's. That is, attorneys who are only concerned about helping the wealthy or only looking for clients who can take on huge legal fees. Many firms simply have to operate that way, as the firm has massive overhead and as a result, must take large fees to cover its expenses.

But it does not have to be that way.

What I have described is a huge problem in the legal industry referred to as “access to justice” or put simply, lawyers are too expensive and a lot of people, who need one, cannot afford an attorney.

But it does not have to be that way.

With new resources overhead can be kept extremely low and legal services can be provided at a reasonable price. It is possible. A lawyer can make a good living while providing legal services at an approachable price. Hometown Law was built on that idea and is committed to making it a reality.

That is why Hometown Law is proud to operate as a virtual law firm. Our hope is to provide legal services to people who, traditionally, may not have been able to afford those services.

Hometown Law is a law firm for the middle class. And that is why it operates as a virtual law firm.

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