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An Affordable Attorney

Everyone knows the best lawyers are expensive.

In fact, lawyers in general are expensive. In many cases, prohibitively so. Unfortunately that means many, if not most, people simply cannot afford to pay an attorney to help them when they need it.

That is the problem Hometown Law, LLC was created to solve.

Not a cheap lawyer, an affordable one.

Hometown Law is focused on maintaining affordable legal services. Thanks to new technology and innovative practices it is able to do so.

Other law firms spend money on expensive office space, unending printing costs, and other overhead. That means your fee is not just paying for legal aid, but you are also paying for swanky conference rooms and corner offices. It means you are paying for documents to be printed when they do not need to be (computers do exist you know!).

At Hometown Law we cut back on overhead so that you are only paying for the legal help you need and thus ensure our services are affordable. Hometown Law is a virtual law office, so your fee does not provide for our office space. Hometown Law is paperless, so you do not have to pay for us to print off your pdf or word document.

Hometown Law also uses new technology to be as productive as possible. A productive lawyer spends less time on individual legal matters but still gets the same results. When a lawyer spends less time on a matter their hourly fee goes down.

We cut overhead and work productively to ensure that you are able to afford a lawyer when you need help navigating the difficult and complex legal system.

People should not be priced out of the help they need. At Hometown Law we are committed to providing high quality legal aid at a low cost.

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